Pre-Foundation Study Material

The courses specially designed courses of Class 6th 7th 8th 9th and 10th for JEE Main NEET – UG, CBSE, State Board, NTSE,Olympiad and School Exams. It’s a course for the full preparation through chapter-wise easy to understanding Theory and Problem-Solving

Objective of the Course

Foundation for Class 8 Preparation from class 6 doesn’t mean that you will study books that are of high level. With IIT or NEET coaching for class 6 and above, the aim is to provide the foundation level course to you so that the steps to IIT or MBBS College  get easier for you.

  • To help you learn from the experts in the field of JEE or NEET coaching and preparation
  • To make you JEE or NEET ready by the time you have completed JEE or NEET coaching for class 10
  • To be able to incorporate school learnings to the JEE or NEET learning and make a difference
  • To make you ready not just for JEE or NEET but other entrance exams such as NTSE and Olympiad
  • Learn the skills of time management

Course Level

During Std VI : Homi Bhabha / NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM

During Std VII : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM

During Std VIII : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / Ganit Prabhutva

During Std IX : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO / Homi Bhabha

During Std X :NTSE / NSTSE / iPM / NSO / iOS / iMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO.

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