NEET Quick Revision : Physics Topic Wise NCERT Key Points and Important Questions with Solutions

Topic NameDownload
1. Physical World And MeasurementClick Here
2. Motion in a Straight LineClick Here
3. Motion In a planeClick Here
4. Laws of MotionClick Here
5. Work Energy and Power

Click Here
6. System Of Particles and Rotational MotionClick Here
7. GravitationClick Here
8. Properties of MatterClick Here
9. Thermodynamics And Kinetic EnergyClick Here
10. Oscillations

Click Here
11. WavesClick Here
12. ElectrostaticsClick Here
13. Current ElectricityClick Here
14. Moving Charges and magnetismClick Here
15. Magnetism and Matter

Click Here
16. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentClick Here
17. Electromagnetic WavesClick Here
18. OpticsClick Here
19. Dual Nature and Radiation of MatterClick Here
20. Atoms and NucleiClick Here
21. Semiconductor ElectronicsClick Here

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