NTA NEET Test Series 2023

The NEET Mock Test For Free is a series that is very helpful for all NEET candidates. The test series are prepared by the experts following the original exam pattern of NEET. It is very useful for getting used to the NEET Exam pattern.

Test SeriesDownload
NEET Part Test 01Click Here
NEET Part Test 02Click Here
NEET Part Test 03Click Here
NEET Part Test 04Click Here
NEET Part Test 05Click Here
NEET Part Test 06Click Here
NEET Part Test 07Click Here
NEET Part Test 08Click Here
NEET Part Test 09Click Here
NEET Part Test 10Click Here
NEET Part Test 11Click Here
NEET Part Test 12Click Here
NEET Part Test 13Click Here
NEET Part Test 14Click Here
NEET Part Test 15Click Here
NEET Part Test 16Click Here
NEET Part Test 17Click Here



Download NEET Minor and Major Test Paper PDF

Download Chapter – Wise and Topic Wise NEET  34 Year Previous Questions

Download NEET Rapid Revision Notes

In this post we are providing you overall test papers for students who are preparing for NEET 2022 . We are also providing so to each questions so that it will be easy for students to see the answer if they are not able to solve these questions. We hope you go through all these papers and Secure a seat in Medical College in India.

Following are the Latest Unit Test of 2021 with Solutions

Test Name                        Test PaperSolution
Leader Test-1 (08-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
2. Leader Test-2 (15-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
3. Leader Test-3 (25-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
4. Leader Test-4 (27-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
5. Leader Test-5 (29-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
6. Leader Test-6 (06-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
7. Leader Test-7 (09-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
8. Leader Test-8 (16-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
9. Leader Test-9 (18-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
10. Leader Test-10 (20-05-2021)

Click HereClick Here
11. Leader Test-11 (23-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
12. Leader Test-12 (25-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
13. Leader Test-13 (30-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
14. Major Test-1Click HereClick Here
15. Major Test-2Click HereClick Here
16. Major Test-3Click HereClick Here
17. Major Test-4Click HereClick Here

Given below are Previous Year Unit Tests 2020

Unit TestDownload
Unit Test 1 – 19-07-2020Click Here
Unit Test 2 – 02-08-2020Click Here
Review Test 1 – 16-08-2020Click Here
Unit Test 3 – 30-08-2020Click Here
Unit Test 4 – 03-09-2020Click Here
Review Test 2 – 27-09-2020Click Here
Unit Test 5 – 11-10-2020Click Here
Unit Test 6 – 25-10-2020Click Here

Here are the Minor Papers with Solutions

Minor PapersDownload
Test – 1Click Here
Test – 2Click Here
Test – 3 – 23-06-2019Click Here
Test – 4 – 21-07-2019Click Here
Test – 5 – 11-08-2019Click Here
Test – 6 – 25-08-2019Click Here
Test – 7 – 22-09-2019Click Here
Test – 8 – 20-10-2019Click Here
Test – 9 – Enthusiast Course (Dt 17-11-2019) All Phases Common TestClick Here
Test – 10 – 01-12-2019

Click Here
Test – 10A – 01-12-2019Click Here
Test – 11 – 22-12-2019Click Here
Test – 11A – 23-12-2019Click Here
Test – 12 – 29-12-2019Click Here
Test – 12A – 28-12-2019Click Here

Here are the Major Papers with Solutions
Major PapersDownload
Test – 1 – 02-01-2020Click Here
Test – 2 – 10-01-2020Click Here
Test – 3 – 16-01-2020Click Here
Test – 4 – 22-01-2020Click Here
Test – 5 – 24-01-2020Click Here
Test – 6 – 28-01-2020Click Here
Test – 7 – 09-02-2020Click Here
Test – 8 – 15-02-2020Click Here
Test – 9 – 17-02-2020Click Here
Test – 10 – 21-02-2020

Click Here
Test – 11 – 16-03-2020Click Here
Test – 12 – 21-03-2020Click Here
Test – 13 – 26-03-2020Click Here
Test – 14 – 31-03-2020Click Here
Test – 15 – 05-04-2020Click Here
Test – 16 – 09-04-2020Click Here
Test – 17 – 13-04-2020Click Here
Test – 18 – 17-04-2020Click Here
Test – 19 – 19-04-2020Click Here
Test – 20 – 22-04-2020Click Here
Test – 21 – 26-04-2020Click Here

Major Tests Final Series with Solutions:-

ENTHU, Achiever – 09-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 13-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 17-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 19-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 22-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 26-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 29-04-2020Click Here

Test – 1 – 01-05-2020Click Here
Test – 2 – 03-05-2020Click Here
Test – 3 – 05-05-2020Click Here
Test – 4 – 07-05-2020Click Here
Test – 5 – 09-05-2020Click Here
Test – 6 – 11-05-2020Click Here

Test – 1 – 16-05-2020Click Here
Test – 2 – 21-05-2020Click Here
Test – 3 – 26-05-2020Click Here
Test – 4 – 31-05-2020Click Here
Test – 5 – 05-06-2020Click Here
Test – 6 – 10-06-2020Click Here
Test – 7 – 15-06-2020Click Here
Test – 8 – 20-06-2020Click Here
Test – 9 – 25-06-2020Click Here
Test – 10 – 28-06-2020Click Here
Test – 11 – 01-07-2020Click Here
Test – 12 – 04-07-2020Click Here
Test – 13 – 07-07-2020Click Here


This post contains Latest Test Series for NEET 2021 Aspirants Bundled by Aakash Educational Insititue.  These test papers come up with Answer key and detailed Detailed Solutions of each questions given in these test papers. Given below are the Test name with their respective links containing Questions Paper with Solutions.
Test NameQuestion PaperSolutions
Test-1Click HereClick Here
Test-2Click HereClick Here
Test-3Click HereClick Here
Test-4Click HereClick Here
Test-5Click HereClick Here
Test-6Click HereClick Here
Test-7Click HereClick Here
Test-8Click HereClick Here
Test-9Click HereClick Here

Click HereClick Here
Test-11Click HereClick Here
Test-12Click HereClick Here
Test-13Click HereClick Here
Test-14Click HereClick Here
Test-15Click HereClick Here
Test-16Click HereClick Here
Test-17Click HereClick Here
Test-18Click HereClick Here
Test-19Click HereClick Here
Test-20Click HereClick Here
Test-21Click HereClick Here
Test-22Click HereClick Here
Test-23Click HereClick Here
Test-24Click HereClick Here
Test-25Click HereClick Here
Test-26Click HereClick Here
Test-27Click HereClick Here
Test-28Click HereClick Here
Test-29Click HereClick Here

Click HereClick Here
Test-31Click HereClick Here
Test-32Click HereClick Here
Test-33Click HereClick Here
Test-34Click HereClick Here
Test-35Click HereClick Here
Test-36Click HereClick Here
Test-37Click HereClick Here
Test-38Click HereClick Here
Test-39Click HereClick Here
Test-40Click HereClick Here

  • The objective of the NEET test series  is to assist students to develop relevant skills needed to crack the competitive examinations. The tests are framed with an objective to supply 360° performance evaluation to the scholars in order that they will steel themselves against coming examinations accordingly.
  • NEET Test Series focuses on an entire systematic assessment of a student’s preparation and provides them a good idea of their strengths and therefore the areas upon which they have to figure upon. It helps them in mastering the art of your time management which is that the most essential requirement for any competitive exam by improving their question-solving speed through time-bound practice with accuracy.
  • The multi-conceptual problems in tests exercise student’s brains and provide them a simulation of the particular exams. These tests are specially designed to reflect the tentative score of scholars in the final examination by providing them Peer & State wise comparison report with their All India Rank.

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