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Class 11 DPPs

Physical Chemistry

1. ITC

2. Mole concept 

3. Atomic Structure

4. GS Ideal

5. GS Real

6. Chemical Equilibrium

7. Thermodynamics And ThermoChemistry

Organic Chemistry

1. IUPAC Nomenclature & Structural Isomerism

2. Structural Identification & POC

3. Periodic Table

4. Basic Inorganic Nomenclature

6. General Organic Chemistry I

7. General Organic Chemistry II


1. Mathematical Tools

2. Rectilinear Motion

3. Projectile Motion

4. Relative Motion

5. NLM

6. Friction

7. Work, Power And Energy

8. Circular Motion

9. Centre Of Mass

10. Rigid Body Dynamics

11. Simple Harmonic Motion

12.Fluid Mechanics

13. Surface Tension

14. Elasticity And Viscosity

15. String Waves

16. Unit And Dimension

17. Sound Waves


1. FOM 1

2. FOM 2

3. Quadratic Equation

4. Sequence And Series

5. Trigonometry

6. Binomial Theorem

7. Permutation And Combination

8. Straight Line

9. Circle

10. Solution Of Triangle

11. Statistics

12. Conic Section

13. Mathematical Reasoning

Maths DPPs

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