Download Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov with Solutions

Why I.E.Irodov:

  • This Book is Useful for all Competitive Exams like IIT JEE Main/Advanced , BITSAT , VIT etc
  • I.E.Irodov consists of 2000+ problems which covers all the topics of Physics
  • 300+ Formulas
  • All the Problems are Explained with Detailed Solution .


  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Oscillations
  • Waves
  • Optics
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

1. Kinematics

2. The Fundamental Equation Of Dynamics

3. Laws Of Conservation Of Energy, Momentum And Angular Momentum

4. Universal Gravitation

5. Dynamics Of A Solid Body


6. Elastic Deformations Of A Solid Body

7. Hydrodynamics

8. Relativistic Mechanics

9. Equation Of The Gas State Processes

10. The First Law Of Thermodynamics Heat Capacity


11. Kinetic Theory Of Gases

12. The Second Law Of Thermodynamics Entropy

13. Liquids Capillary Effects

14. Phase Transformations

15. Transport Phenomena


16. Constant Electric Field In Vacuum

17. Conductors And Dielectrics In An Electric Field

18. Electric Capacitance Energy Of An Electric Field

19. Electric Current

20. Constant Magnetic Field Magnetics


21. Electromagnetic Induction Maxwell’s Equations

22. Motion Of Charged Particles In Electric And Magne

23. Mechanical Oscillations

24. Electric Oscillations

25. Elastic Waves

26. Electromagnetic Waves

27. Photometry And Geometrical Optics

28. Interference Of Light

29. Diffraction Of Light

30. Polarization Of Light


31. Dispersion And Absorption Of Light

32. Optics Of Moving Sources

33. Thermal Radiation. Quantum Nature Of Light

34. Scattering Of Particles. Rutherford-Bohr Atom

35. Wave Properties Of Particles. Schrodinger Equation


36. Properties Of Atoms. Spectra

37. Molecules And Crystals

38. Radioactivity

39. Nuclear Reactions

40. Elementary Particles

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