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Here you can download Akash test series papers PDF from the given links. Aakash is the most famous coaching institute for Neet-UG, JEE (Mains+ Advance) & other competitive exams. Aakash institute provides many useful contents and the best test series to crack Neet & JEE mains exams. As lakhs even more than lakhs students enroll for their test series because it provides most advance, best & sorted questions come in all exams every year.

Download all the recent test papers PDF of Aakash Mock Test 2021 for your best preparation. As we provide you better enough material for your preparation.

Biology Complete Study Material in English & Hindi

Physics Complete Study Material in English & Hindi

Chemistry Complete Study Material in English & Hindi

Aakash NCERT Booster Test Series for NEET 2021


Units and Measurements NEET Notes

Motion in a Straight Line NEET Notes

Motion in a Plane NEET Notes

Laws of Motion NEET Notes

Work, Energy and Power NEET Notes


Aakash NEET Booster Test Series for NEET 2021

Download Handwritten Notes

Download Aakash Test Papers PDF from given links👇

The Aakash Test series for NEET-UG is one of the Best ways to practice for the upcoming NEET-UG exam. Akash conducted a trial series for students of Aakash class and distance learning programme. This Aakash Test series is Best for 11th, Class XII and Grade XII graduate students. The Aakash Test series of online-offline papers is based on the latest NEET-UG pattern containing MCQs from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Hope You guys like it

In this post we are providing you overall test papers for students who are preparing for NEET 2022 . We are also providing so to each questions so that it will be easy for students to see the answer if they are not able to solve these questions. We hope you go through all these papers and Secure a seat in Medical College in India.

Following are the Latest Unit Test of 2021 with Solutions

Test Name                        Test PaperSolution
Leader Test-1 (08-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
2. Leader Test-2 (15-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
3. Leader Test-3 (25-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
4. Leader Test-4 (27-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
5. Leader Test-5 (29-04-2021)Click HereClick Here
6. Leader Test-6 (06-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
7. Leader Test-7 (09-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
8. Leader Test-8 (16-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
9. Leader Test-9 (18-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
10. Leader Test-10 (20-05-2021)

Click HereClick Here
11. Leader Test-11 (23-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
12. Leader Test-12 (25-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
13. Leader Test-13 (30-05-2021)Click HereClick Here
14. Major Test-1Click HereClick Here
15. Major Test-2Click HereClick Here
16. Major Test-3Click HereClick Here
17. Major Test-4Click HereClick Here

Given below are Previous Year Unit Tests 2020

Unit TestDownload
Unit Test 1 – 19-07-2020Click Here
Unit Test 2 – 02-08-2020Click Here
Review Test 1 – 16-08-2020Click Here
Unit Test 3 – 30-08-2020Click Here
Unit Test 4 – 03-09-2020Click Here
Review Test 2 – 27-09-2020Click Here
Unit Test 5 – 11-10-2020Click Here
Unit Test 6 – 25-10-2020Click Here

Here are the Minor Papers with Solutions

Minor PapersDownload
Test – 1Click Here
Test – 2Click Here
Test – 3 – 23-06-2019Click Here
Test – 4 – 21-07-2019Click Here
Test – 5 – 11-08-2019Click Here
Test – 6 – 25-08-2019Click Here
Test – 7 – 22-09-2019Click Here
Test – 8 – 20-10-2019Click Here
Test – 9 – Enthusiast Course (Dt 17-11-2019) All Phases Common TestClick Here
Test – 10 – 01-12-2019

Click Here
Test – 10A – 01-12-2019Click Here
Test – 11 – 22-12-2019Click Here
Test – 11A – 23-12-2019Click Here
Test – 12 – 29-12-2019Click Here
Test – 12A – 28-12-2019Click Here

Here are the Major Papers with Solutions
Major PapersDownload
Test – 1 – 02-01-2020Click Here
Test – 2 – 10-01-2020Click Here
Test – 3 – 16-01-2020Click Here
Test – 4 – 22-01-2020Click Here
Test – 5 – 24-01-2020Click Here
Test – 6 – 28-01-2020Click Here
Test – 7 – 09-02-2020Click Here
Test – 8 – 15-02-2020Click Here
Test – 9 – 17-02-2020Click Here
Test – 10 – 21-02-2020

Click Here
Test – 11 – 16-03-2020Click Here
Test – 12 – 21-03-2020Click Here
Test – 13 – 26-03-2020Click Here
Test – 14 – 31-03-2020Click Here
Test – 15 – 05-04-2020Click Here
Test – 16 – 09-04-2020Click Here
Test – 17 – 13-04-2020Click Here
Test – 18 – 17-04-2020Click Here
Test – 19 – 19-04-2020Click Here
Test – 20 – 22-04-2020Click Here
Test – 21 – 26-04-2020Click Here

Major Tests Final Series with Solutions:-

ENTHU, Achiever – 09-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 13-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 17-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 19-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 22-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 26-04-2020Click Here
ENTHU, Achiever – 29-04-2020Click Here

Test – 1 – 01-05-2020Click Here
Test – 2 – 03-05-2020Click Here
Test – 3 – 05-05-2020Click Here
Test – 4 – 07-05-2020Click Here
Test – 5 – 09-05-2020Click Here
Test – 6 – 11-05-2020Click Here

Test – 1 – 16-05-2020Click Here
Test – 2 – 21-05-2020Click Here
Test – 3 – 26-05-2020Click Here
Test – 4 – 31-05-2020Click Here
Test – 5 – 05-06-2020Click Here
Test – 6 – 10-06-2020Click Here
Test – 7 – 15-06-2020Click Here
Test – 8 – 20-06-2020Click Here
Test – 9 – 25-06-2020Click Here
Test – 10 – 28-06-2020Click Here
Test – 11 – 01-07-2020Click Here
Test – 12 – 04-07-2020Click Here
Test – 13 – 07-07-2020Click Here


This post contains Latest Test Series for NEET 2021 Aspirants Bundled by Aakash Educational Insititue.  These test papers come up with Answer key and detailed Detailed Solutions of each questions given in these test papers. Given below are the Test name with their respective links containing Questions Paper with Solutions.
Test NameQuestion PaperSolutions
Test-1Click HereClick Here
Test-2Click HereClick Here
Test-3Click HereClick Here
Test-4Click HereClick Here
Test-5Click HereClick Here
Test-6Click HereClick Here
Test-7Click HereClick Here
Test-8Click HereClick Here
Test-9Click HereClick Here

Click HereClick Here
Test-11Click HereClick Here
Test-12Click HereClick Here
Test-13Click HereClick Here
Test-14Click HereClick Here
Test-15Click HereClick Here
Test-16Click HereClick Here
Test-17Click HereClick Here
Test-18Click HereClick Here
Test-19Click HereClick Here
Test-20Click HereClick Here
Test-21Click HereClick Here
Test-22Click HereClick Here
Test-23Click HereClick Here
Test-24Click HereClick Here
Test-25Click HereClick Here
Test-26Click HereClick Here
Test-27Click HereClick Here
Test-28Click HereClick Here
Test-29Click HereClick Here

Click HereClick Here
Test-31Click HereClick Here
Test-32Click HereClick Here
Test-33Click HereClick Here
Test-34Click HereClick Here
Test-35Click HereClick Here
Test-36Click HereClick Here
Test-37Click HereClick Here
Test-38Click HereClick Here
Test-39Click HereClick Here
Test-40Click HereClick Here


NEET 2020- Aakash Test Series PDF

Practice Online Tests Now

 Aakash NEET All India Test Series 2021 for NEET-UG 2021 [PDF]

Aakash Test Series is one of the premium test series which allow you to prepare for NEET Examination in a systematic way. Whether its Aakash Online Test Series or Aakash offline Test Series, You get a better perspective of your competitive exam.

Sarvottam Pre-Medical Major Test Series 2020 PDF



Aakash Test Series for NEET-UG is one of the best way to practice for upcoming NEET-UG exam. Aakash conducts test series for both Aakash Classroom & Distance Learning program students. These Aakash test series are best for Class XI, Class XII & Class XII passed students. Aakash Test series online-Offline papers are based on latest NEET-UG pattern containing MCQs from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.. Click on “Download”, link will appear on next page. All links are Aakash google drive links.


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