NCERT Based Package & Questions Biology

Why this package is important :

  • Purely Based on NCERT content.
  • Contains Concept or Mind MAP of each chapter for quick revision.
  • MCQs are selected from both NCERT Text Book and Exemplar.
  • Contains only exam oriented MCQs so that you remain focused on NCERT and not waste time on Questions which NTA is not giving in NEET exams now.
  • Chapterwise student-friendly¬† for quick-and-easy revision.
  • Detailed SOLUTION of each question.
  • It doesn’t matter which online course you have joined, you need to judge your preparation by¬†solving the most authentic NCERT based & “NTA Level” NEET QUESTIONS


Chapter NameDownload
1. The Living WorldClick Here
2. Biological ClassificationClick Here
3. Plant KingdomClick Here
4. Animal KingdomClick Here
5. Morphology of Flowering Plants


Click Here
6. Anatomy of Flowering PlantsClick Here
7. Structural Organisation in AnimalsClick Here
8. Cell-The Unit of LifeClick Here
9. BiomoleculesClick Here
10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division


Click Here
11. Transport in PlantsClick Here
12. Mineral NutritionClick Here
13. Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsClick Here
14. Respiration in PlantsClick Here
15. Plant Growth and Development


Click Here
16. Digestion and AbsorptionClick Here
17. Breathing and Exchange of GasesClick Here
18. Body Fluids and CirculationClick Here
19. Excretory Products & Their EliminationClick Here
20. Locomotion and Movement


Click Here
21. Neural Control and CoordinationClick Here
22. Chemical Coordination and IntegrationClick Here
23. Reproduction in OrganismsClick Here
24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsClick Here
25. Human Reproduction


Click Here
26. Reproductive HealthClick Here
27. Principles of Inheritance and VariationClick Here
28. Molecular Basis of InheritanceClick Here
29. EvolutionClick Here
30. Human Health and Diseases


Click Here
31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionClick Here
32. Microbes in Human WelfareClick Here
33. Biotechnology – Principles and ProcessesClick Here
34. Biotechnology and Its ApplicationsClick Here
35. Organisms and Populations


Click Here
36. EcosystemClick Here
37. Biodiversity and ConservationClick Here
38. Environmental IssuesClick Here


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