NTA NEET Abhyas 70 Test Paper with Solution

we are providing the latest 70 mock test papers released by NTA(National Test Agency) with detailed solutions. Download following Mock test papers with Solution.

Download Chapter – Wise and Topic Wise NEET  34 Year Previous Questions

Test PaperDownload
Mock Test-1Click Here
Mock Test-2Click Here
Mock Test-3Click Here
Mock Test-4Click Here
Mock Test-5


Click Here
Mock Test-6Click Here
Mock Test-7Click Here
Mock Test-8Click Here
Mock Test-9Click Here
Mock Test-10Click Here
Mock Test-11Click Here
Mock Test-12Click Here
Mock Test-13Click Here
Mock Test-14

NEET Online Test

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Click Here

Mock Test-15


Click Here
Mock Test-16Click Here
Mock Test-17Click Here
Mock Test-18Click Here
Mock Test-19


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Mock Test-20Click Here
Mock Test-21Click Here
Mock Test-22Click Here
Mock Test-23Click Here
Mock Test-24Click Here
Mock Test-25

Coaching Study Material

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Click Here

Mock Test-26Click Here
Mock Test-27Click Here
Mock Test-28Click Here
Mock Test-29Click Here
Mock Test-30


Click Here
Mock Test-31Click Here
Mock Test-32Click Here
Mock Test-33Click Here
Mock Test-34Click Here
Mock Test-35Click Here
Mock Test-36Click Here
Mock Test-37Click Here
Mock Test-38Click Here
Mock Test-39Click Here
Mock Test-40


Click Here
Mock Test-41Click Here
Mock Test-42Click Here
Mock Test-43Click Here
Mock Test-44Click Here
Mock Test-45Click Here
Mock Test-46Click Here
Mock Test-47Click Here
Mock Test-48Click Here
Mock Test-49Click Here
Mock Test-50

Handwritten Notes


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Mock Test-51Click Here
Mock Test-52Click Here
Mock Test-53Click Here
Mock Test-54Click Here
Mock Test-55


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Mock Test-56Click Here
Mock Test-57Click Here
Mock Test-58Click Here
Mock Test-59Click Here
Mock Test-60


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Mock Test-61Click Here
Mock Test-62Click Here
Mock Test-63Click Here
Mock Test-64Click Here
Mock Test-65Click Here
Mock Test-66Click Here
Mock Test-67Click Here
Mock Test-68Click Here
Mock Test-69Click Here
Mock Test-70Click Here

101 Speed Tests with Solution For NEET

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101 Speed Tests with Solution For JEE

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NCERT Based Test Series For NEET in Hindi – English

Ncert based neet mock test series is the all types of physics chemistry biology past papers questions the neet online test series chapter wise made for the students who prepared about the neet exam for 2021-22 ncert mock test for neet Understudies’ interest in NEET 2021 is expanding as time passes as the clinical wannabes request an answer from the Ministry of Education, ncert based questions for neet or the National Testing Agency (NTA), if the test will be hung on August 1 ncert based test series

S.noDownload NEET Test PapersDownload Solutions
1Test Series-ug -1Click Here.
2Test Paper NEETClick Here.
3Biotechnology Test Paper NEETClick Here.
4Rapid Revision Of All TestsClick Here.
5Biology Important TopicClick Here.
6Test Paper Physics NEETClick Here.
7Model Test Paper For NEETClick Here.
8NEET Test Series PCBClick Here.
9NEET Model Test SeriesClick Here.
10Test Paper Neet -2 Click Here.
11Model Paper NEET – 2Click Here.
12Paper NEET – 1Click Here.
13Test Paper NEET – 2Click Here.
14Biology Topics NEET Test PaperClick Here.
15Model NEET Test Paper – 3Click Here.
16Biology Topics Test Paper – 2Click Here.
17Test Paper For NEETClick Here.
18Biology Model Paper Test NEETClick Here.
19Test Paper For NEET – 3Click Here.
20NEET Paper Ncert basedClick Here.
21Test Paper NEET PCB – 1Click Here.
22NEET Paper toppersClick Here.
23Test Series – 7Click Here.
24Biology All Topics testClick Here.
25Model Paper – 3Click Here.
26NEET Test Paper CPBClick Here.
27Model Paper – 4 NEETClick Here.
28Biology Important topics testClick Here.
29Test Paper Biology – 2Click Here.
30NEET Paper For PCBClick Here.
31Biology Past Paper TopicsClick Here.
32Model Paper For NEETClick Here.
33NEET Test Paper PhysicsClick Here.
34Biology Important Test PaperClick Here.
35Model Paper NEET PCBClick Here.
36NCERT NEET Paper SeriesClick Here.

ncert based test series for neet free download Neet Medical Entrance exam is the basic exam conducted by NTA National test Agency ncert based test series for neet biology contain all important topics related to biology and also contain all past years paper questions ncert based test series for neet pdf is an easy way to boost your preparations for the neet exam ncert based test series for neet Aakash institute is with byju’s to make easy to students ncert based test series for neet free download pdf

NEET 2021 New Pattern Test Papers 

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Benefits of National Test Abhyas  

NTA Abhyas Tests are an ultimate guide and self study tool for students who are preparing for medical and engineering exams. Take a look at the main benefits of Practicing  Abhyas test listed below-

  • Reduction in careless errors and mistakes made by students.
  • Improve strategy of candidates to take test.
  • Improve accuracy and speed of students.
  • Facilitate in improvement of Time management
  • Quality self-study and practice material

National Test Abhyas Mock test

It is available free of cost they just need to download the application and start their preparation by solving mock tests they can also solve the mock test offline but for that, they need to download the paper.

How to use these NEET question papers and sample papers?

  • First, always study on the table and chair. Ensure your chair is not too comfortable. This way you prepare yourself for the exam-like situation.
  • If possible, get these papers printed. You will be taking the examination in Pen and Paper mode, which is comparatively time consuming.
  • You can also download a sample OMR Sheet (given above), get it printed and practice on it. This will increase your speed over an OMR and give you some extra edge.
  • Keep a stopwatch with you. Give equal time to each section. Practicing with a stopwatch shows how quick or slow you are.


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