NCERT Based New pattern Mock tests for NEET 2021

In this post we have provided with some mock tests for NEET aspirants which are based on the new pattern of NEET 2021 provided by NTA in their bulletin.

These mock tests of new pattern have two sections for each Subjects. Section A contains 35 questions while section B contains 15 questions. Students have to attempt only 10 questions from Section B and all from Section A.

Instructions :

  1.  The Question paper is divided in to four parts botany, zoology, physics chemistry and each
    part is further divided into two sections
    Section A contains 35 Questions Section B contains 15 Questions. Please
    ensure that the Questions paper you have received contains ALL THE QUESTIONS in
    each Part.
  2. In Section A all the 35 Questions are compulsary and in Section B Contain 15 Questions,
    Out of these 15 Questions, candidates can choose to attempt any 10 Questions.
    Each Question has four choices (A), (B), (C), (D) out of which only one is correct & carry 4
    marks each. 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Language : Hindi – English

 Test Paper 
Full Test-1Click Here
Full Test-2Click Here
Full Test-3Click Here
Full Test-4Click Here
Full Test-5Click Here
Full Test-6Click Here
Full Test-7


Click Here
Full Test-8Click Here
Full Test-9Click Here
Full Test-10Click Here
Full Test-11Click Here
Full Test-12Click Here
Full Test-13Click Here
Full Test-14Click Here



Designed on Latest Pattern & Syllabus

Divided into 4 Parts & B Sections

Biology divided into Zoology & Botany

Detailed & Error free Solutions

Difficulty Mapped to 2020 Exam Level.



Mock Test – 01 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 01 Solution Download
Mock Test – 02 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 02 SolutionDownload
Mock Test – 03 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 03 SolutionDownload
Mock Test – 04 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 04 SolutionDownload
Mock Test – 05 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 05 Solution


Mock Test – 06 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 06 SolutionDownload
Mock Test – 07 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 07 SolutionDownload 
Mock Test – 08 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 08 SolutionDownload
Mock Test – 09 PaperDownload
Mock Test – 09 SolutionDownload
Mock Test – 10 Paper Download
Mock Test – 10 SolutionDownload 


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