Physics NCERT Based Important MCQs With Solutions

  • Contains only exam oriented MCQs so that you remain focused on NCERT and not waste time on Questions which NTA is not giving in NEET exams now.
  • Detailed SOLUTION of each question.
  • It doesn’t matter which online course you have joined, you need to judge your preparation by solving the most authentic NCERT based & “NTA Level” NEET QUESTIONS



Topic NameDownload
1. Physical WorldClick Here
2. Units and MeasurementsClick Here
3. Motion in a Straight LineClick Here
4. Motion in a Plane


Click Here
5. Laws of MotionClick Here
6. Work, Energy, and PowerClick Here
7. System of Particles and Rotational MotionClick Here
8. Gravitation


Click Here
9. Mechanical Properties of SolidsClick Here
10. Mechanical Properties of FluidsClick Here
11. Electric Charges and FieldsClick Here
12. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance


Click Here
13. Current ElectricityClick Here
14. Moving Charges and MagnetismClick Here
15. Magnetism and MatterClick Here
16. Electromagnetic Induction


Click Here
17. Electromagnetic WavesClick Here
18. Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsClick Here
19. Wave OpticsClick Here
20. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter


Click Here
21. AtomsClick Here
22. NucleiClick Here
23. Semiconductor ElectronicsClick Here
24. Communication SystemsClick Here


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