NEET Physics 40 Days Quick Revision


Chapter NameDownload
 1-Physical World and MeasurementClick Here
 2-KinematicsClick Here
 3-Scalar and VectorClick Here
 4-Laws of MotionClick Here
 5-Circular MotionClick Here
 6-Work, Energy and PowerClick Here
 7-System of Particle and Rigid BodyClick Here
8-Rotational MotionClick Here
9-GravitationClick Here
10-Unit Test 1



Click Here
11-Properties of MatterClick Here
12-Transfer of HeatClick Here
13-Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic TheoryClick Here
14-ThermodynamicsClick Here
15-Unit Test 2Click Here
16-OscillationsClick Here
17-WavesClick Here
18-Unit Test 3Click Here
19-ElectrostaticsClick Here
20-Current ElectricityClick Here
Day 21-Unit Test 4



Click Here
22-Magnetic Effects of CurrentClick Here
23-MagnetismClick Here
24-Electromagnetic InductionClick Here
25-Alternating CurrentClick Here
26-Electromagnetic WavesClick Here
27-Unit Test 5Click Here
28-Ray OpticsClick Here
29-Wave OpticsClick Here
30-Unit Test 6



Click Here
31-Matter WavesClick Here
32-Photoelectric EffectClick Here
33-Atoms and NucleiClick Here
34-RadioactivityClick Here
35-Unit Test 7Click Here
36-Electronic DevicesClick Here
37-Unit Test 8Click Here
38-Mock Test 1Click Here
39-Mock Test 2Click Here
40-Mock Test 3Click Here
Neet Solved Paper – 2019Click Here
Neet Solved Paper – 2020Click Here
Neet Solved Paper – 2021Click Here

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