NEET Chemistry in Hindi questions test paper

NEET Physics in Hindi

  Physics Package : Class XI Chapter  Theory Notes  Exercise  1. Mathematics Tools and Vector  Download   Download  2. Unit Dimensions and Measurement  Download   Download 3. motion in one dimension  Download   Download  4. motion in two dimension: Projectile Circular Motion    Download  Download   Download  Download 5. Laws of Motion  Download  Download 6. Gravitation  Download  Download 7. […]

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NEET Chemistry in Hindi

NEET Biology in Hindi Chemistry Package : Aldehyde-and-ketone-1  Aldehyde-and-ketone-2 Aliphatic-hydrocarbon-1  Aliphatic-hydrocarbon-2  Aliphatic-hydrocarbon-3  Aromatic-hydrocarbon  Atomic Structure-1 Atomic structure-2  Atomic structure-3 Biomolecule    Carboxy-acid  Chemical-analysis  Chemical-bonding-1 Chemical-bonding-2  Chemical-bonding-3  Chemical-equilibrium  Chemical-kinetic-1  Chemical-kinetic-2  Chemistry-in-action    Co-ordination-chemistry-and-organometallics  Electrochemistry -1 Electrochemistry-2 Gaseous-state-1  Gaseous-state-2 General-principles-of-extraction-of-metals  GOC-and-isomerism-1  GOC-and-isomerism-2 GOC-and-isomerism-1   Halogen-derivatives-1  Halogen-derivatives-2 Hydroxy-compound-and-ethers-1  Hydroxy-compound-and-ethers-2 Ionic-equilibrium-1 Ionic-equilibrium-2  Ionic-equilibrium-3 IUPAC   n-containing-compounds  Nuclear-chemistry-1 Nuclear-chemistry-2 Periodic-classification-of-elements-and-periodic-properties 

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